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Emily Garvey

Marketing Communications Assistant 

I graduated from Salve Regina University with a degree in English Communications and a minor in Marketing in 2018. I always had a passion for writing, but it wasn’t until college that I was able to cultivate this passion through the help of my professors and classes. I had the opportunity to intern at WIMCO Villas and Discover Newport during my time at Salve, where I was able to dip my toe into social media marketing, blogging, and public relations.

After graduation, I worked professionally in property management, where I grew my skills as a professional and was able to assist with marketing efforts and social media management. My love for writing has only grown stronger throughout the years. As a natural born introvert, writing has always been an outlet for me to use my voice and feel confident in expressing myself. My goal is to continue to inspire others and myself everyday and have my voice be heard, and writing gives me the tools to do so! 

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