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Sebastien Tribie

Graphic Design Consultant

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I was born in Haiti and came to America at a young age, learning how to speak English and developing a very broad cultural understanding in the process. My diverse background helped me appreciate and study varying styles and forms of art from around the world. Studying abroad in Italy helped to further increase and develop my traditional art abilities, which includes pen and ink, typography, pastel, watercolor, and oil painting. This development led to my graphic design sensibilities, which were based on the core principles of traditional art.


As a result, when freelancing as a designer, every assignment I have taken has been vastly different from the prior one. From designing pet food packaging and collateral at Blue Buffalo, to high end Consumer Electronics Show catalogs for Sony and Microsoft. Even the contrast from World Wrestling Entertainment to pen and ink illustrations for the Botanical Gardens was unique, highlighting the diversity of designs. The basic thread tying these assignments together is balance. The balance of positive and negative space in design; the balance of proportions; and the balance of color and typography, which combine to relay a feeling or a message to the viewer.

My passion for traditional art and graphic design led to other creative and technical avenues, such as music and audio production, as well as information technology and digital interface design. Embracing these passions in the face of an ever evolving media and technology landscape, while maintaining a sense of tradition and culture, requires yet another form of balance.


Neglecting technological progression prevents the acknowledgement of advancements in all facets of life. Over embracing technology in the face of traditional means of communication and culture, can lead to a disconnect in our ability to interact with one another. Because of my background, harmonizing technology, tradition, and culture is one of the most important forms of balance I maintain in both life and work.

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