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"Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein -

Marketing Strategy

Daydream Communications specializes in building strategies to meet the needs and budgets of nonprofit organizations. Katie has successfully elevated the presence for many agencies and healthcare services. If you want to get the word out, but aren't sure where to start, let us help you.

Take a look at the case study below.

“You Think You Know” is a public awareness campaign that was developed in Connecticut in response to counterfeit prescription drugs that have claimed the lives of young people in Connecticut and around the country. 

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​Counterfeit prescription pills are produced to look almost identical to the real thing. Often, you can’t tell the difference without lab tests. That is where the campaign name came from; You Think You Know what you’re taking, but unless it comes from a retail pharmacy, you can’t be sure it’s safe.


​Creating an online presence was key. The website, houses a wealth of information and local resources that are being promoted throughout the state in paid advertising and community outreach. A toolkit was also created so the campaign message can be spread by others. 


​The campaign was developed in collaboration with numerous state agencies, community partners and Daydream Communications. Once the website was developed, the campaign was promoted across the state on billboards, buses, print and digital ads and media outreach.

Promotion of the Campaign

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Bus ads ran in 6 CT cities, which were chosen due to high overdose rates. They garnered 6.6 million impressions during the promotion. Additionally, billboards ran in New Haven, CT downtown and near I-95, bringing in another

7.2 million impressions.

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A full page ad was placed in the December issue of CT Magazine, which had a bonus distribution of 40,000 because it was sent as a gift in the Thanksgiving issue to subscribers of local papers. Nearly 100,000 copies were circulated with a readership of just under 500,000! 

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We developed an educational article targeting parents and it ran on Hearst Media news sites as sponsored content.

To promote it, banner ads ran for 4 weeks in various national outlets, targeting parents in our key cities. The article was seen over 600,000 times and had high engagement rates.

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When we launched the campaign, a press release was sent out to local press. We offered an interview with a Trumbull, CT family who lost their son to a counterfeit Xanax pill in 2020. We received coverage in the many local newspapers. It was also featured in a CADCA

e-newsletter, which goes out to the national prevention community. 

Let us help you find a strategy for your organization! 


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