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Tyasha Pace

Marketing Communications Assistant 

My name is Tyasha (tie-A-sha) Pace, and I'm a self-taught craft artist, writer, and radical archivist from Connecticut. A former physics and engineering major, I'm currently finishing a degree in sociology with the hopes of conducting mutual aid research along the Connecticut shoreline to provide real-time community solutions to folks in need.


My work experience has been gained in a variety of industries and I currently work in marketing and communications following 8 years of service in CT public libraries. My passion in life is building interpersonal connections, and my art and work are centered around community to find ways that we all may cooperate together in life.


Since 2019, I have been organizing, digitizing, and researching a found archive of anarchist and antiracist zines and ephemera, which I hope to present by exhibition once complete. My art engages with themes of memory, trauma healing and radical resistance. I live with my partner and my cat Clotilla the Hungry aka Chloe.

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